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Switchboard Presents


Walk the Switchboard Audio Tour

Switchboard Presents an ambulatory audio experience, available to listeners via mobile phone. 12 San Francisco Conservatory alumni and current students have each contributed an audio loop inspired by a specific location in Hayes Valley—follow the map on your phone to hear the music and read about what inspired each composer. Bring a mobile internet-accessible device and headphones!

September 11, 2015—Ambient Happy Hour + In C Re-Do (byo instrument)

October 9—Minitaur + HK&tCS

November 11—MaryClare Brzytwa + Aunt Rose

December 11—Music for Shuffle + Thymesia

February 12, 2016—Amaranth Quartet + Ogni Suono

March 11—Solo & Electronics: Jeff Anderle + Giacomo Fiore

April 8—Dance: KATES + Sam Hertz and Maryanna Lachmann

May 13—Schimscheimer Family Trio + Beach Captain

June 12, 2015—Lady Band and Makeunder

May 8, 2015Meerenai Shim and New Match Arc

March 13, 2015Elyse Weakley, Tamalpais Brass, and Sisu BrassLand

February 13, 2015David Wegehaupt and Athletics, Big Butter and the Eggmen

December 12, 2014Splinter Reeds and Wiener Kids

November 14, 2014Solo Cellists – Crystal Pascucci, Theresa Wong, and Shawn Alpay

October 10, 2014Redshift and Cosimo Lissy

September 12, 2014BASS CLARINETS – Sqwonk, Edmund Welles, and SUPRA, for bass clarinet nonet

June 20, 2014Friction Quartet + Jeff Anderle and Makeunder

May 16, 2014Areon Flutes and Mobius Trio. World premieres by Mike Sempert and Danny Clay

April 18, 2014Nonsemble 6 and Hurd Ensemble

March 21, 2014Wild Hen and Americana Orchestra

February 21, 2014The Living Earth Show, Friction Quartet, and Mobius Trio