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Special thanks to our 2017 Festival sponsor Amoeba Music


Thank You to This Year’s Donors!

Sahba Aminikia, John and Vicki Anderle, Anonymous, Laura Bacon and Jonathan Russell, Marko Bajzer, Wendy Bean, Dan Becker and Belinda Reynolds, Rose Bellini and Jim Holt, Molly Bolten, Roselle Brown, Jodi Campbell, Michael and Laura Campbell, Fred Cummins, Julia Clark Dobel, Paul Dresher, Christopher Froh, Jeffrey Gao, Jeneece Hards, Tyler Heibeck, June Hom and Bill Swerbenski, Robert Kendrick, Caro Kimani, Glenn Kotche, Emma Logan, Dina Maccabee, Patrick McCabe, Regina Myers, Keisuke Nakagoshi, Russell Nelson, Riley Nicholson, Silas Patlove, Lisa Phillips, Ryan Rey, Adrian Sierra, Benjamin Simon, Jay Stamps, Carole Stoffregen, Priscilla Stoyanof and David Roche, Noam Szoke, Dylan Tatz, Philippa Thompson, Ken Tidwell, and Pamela Z.

Institutional Funders

Charles Schwab
Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation
San Francisco Arts Commission
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Zellerbach Family Foundation

Extra Special Thanks

Our board members for their dedicated work
James Holt for producing our podcasts
Lagunitas Brewery
The hundreds of supporters who’ve helped us for 10 years in countless ways!

In-Kind Support

Google, Inc.